Conferences and Symposia

Conferences and Symposia held by Arab Open University (AOU)

From March 2013 to November 2016

1.Conference on “Preparing the Arab Educator - Professionally and Cognitively”

29-30 November, 2016. Jordan. 

2.Symposium on “Crisis and Disaster Management in Kuwait and the Role of Kuwait National Guard”, 26 -27 April, 2016. Kuwait

3.Conference on “Small and Microenterprises in the Arab Countries: Reality and Aspirations”, 28- 29 October, 2015. Kuwait.

4.Conference on “Development of Creativity and Critical Thinking in Education”,

22-23 April, 2015. AOU Bahrain. 1 - 2

5.Symposium on “Developing Academic Advising in the Arab Universities and Educational Institutions”, 22- 23 April 2014. AOU Oman.

6.Symposium on “Scientific Research in the Arab Countries: Challenges and Solutions”, 18th- 19th March, 2014. AOU Jordan.

7.The 1st International Conference on “Open Learning: Role, Challenges and Solutions”, 25-27 November 2013. Kuwait

8.Regional Symposium on “Woman at Leadership Positions in the Arab Countries”, 10th- 11th March, 2013. Kuwait.