Getting Started

4.  Resources

      4.1  Learning Resources

Each branch offers a variety of learning resources such as textbooks, IT resources, etc. to support the AOU academic programmes, students and tutors. All students have access to a variety of course- and programme-related resources accessible through the internet, collectively referred to as the e-library. Specifically, Moodle-based software, called LMS (Learning Management System), provides access to all electronic resources to which the AOU subscribes and is available to students and faculties in every branch.

      4.2  Computer Laboratories

Some courses require access to computing facilities and all such facilities are provided at various computer laboratories in each branch. Some courses have mandatory online components as part of the course materials or supporting materials intended to help learners: all materials of such kinds can be accessed in the computer laboratories. Electronic support for all courses is provided through the University’s Learning Management System (LMS), which also includes a teleconferencing facility. The AOU is moving towards electronic submission of all student assignments.

      4.3  Other Facilities

Most AOU branches offer additional facilities such as those listed below:

·         Student cafeteria

·         Entertainment rooms

·         Prayer rooms

·         Some parking space

·         Lifts for easy access to the upper floors of the branch buildings

·         Some provisions for students with special needs, such as ramps.