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In the context of a network communication for blended learning, the Arab Open University has online learning management system and electronic library which provide access to thousands of refereed journals, books, images, audio and video files. The University has a separate web portal for the e-library services. Through this e-library web portal, both our staff and students of AOU have complete access to full-text resources from renowned scholarly journals and books available 24/7. The students and staff have the flexibility to access these learning resources anytime, anywhere online. E-library can be accessed through the link provided on the LMS https://lms.arabou.edu.kw/kuwait012013/or can directly enter the URL http://www.aou-elibrary.comon the internet browser. A link is also provided on the AOU main website under the tab e-library. To access the e-library databases you require a user name and password. You may contact the LRC staff to collect your log in password.

The Arab Open University subscribes to several e-library databases such as Emerald, EBSCO, IEEE Computer Society, JSTOR, ABI Inform Complete, Ebrary and Edusearch. The following subscribed databases can be accessed through the e-library web portal www.aou-elibrary.com and also through https://lms.arabou.edu.kw/kuwait012013/:

(1) Emerald:

Emerald Management e-Journal collection provides access to high quality peer reviewed journals from the world’s leading publisher of business and management.

(2) IEEE Computer Society’s Digital Library:

The IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) provides online access to society magazines and transactions and access to more than 3,300 conference publications.

(3) EBSCO:

EBSCOhost databases and discovery technologies are the most-used, premium online information resources for tens of thousands of institutions worldwide, representing millions of end-users.

(4) JSTOR:

JSTOR is a shared digital library created in 1995 to help university and college libraries to free space on their shelves, save costs, and provide greater levels of access to more content than ever before. JSTOR currently includes several academic journals, dating back to the first volume ever published, along with thousands of monographs and other materials relevant for education.

(5) ABI Inform Complete:

The most comprehensive ABI/INFORM database, comprises ABI/INFORM Global, ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry, and ABI/INFORM Dateline. The database features thousands of full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, key business and economics periodicals such as the Economist, country-and industry-focused reports, and downloadable data. Its international coverage gives researchers a complete picture of companies and business trends around the world.

(6) Edusearch:

EduSearch database is a specialized Education database. This Arabic database covers subjects such as teaching, psychology, learning etc. This database provides access to full text articles from 353 Scientific Educational periodicals and over 500 scientific conferences.


(7) Ebrary:

Ebrary offers authoritative ebooks in a wide range of subject areas, along with powerful tools to help you find, use, and manage the information you need. The ebrary’s academic complete collection includes over 70,000 titles covering different subjects.


(8) Springer Link:

Springer E-Books database provides full texts for research published in 534 specialized scientific periodicals. It also provides the entrances of research summaries published in 3000 specialized scientific periodical.

In addition to the above databases, from time-time the e-library portal also provides access to several new trial e-library databases and free online resources.


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