E-Library FAQs

1. How can I access the Arab Open University’s e-library?

You can access the e-library through the e-library web portal


2. I am a student. Do I need any user name or password to log in?


3. What is my user name?

Your user name will be 1+your student ID no. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For example for a student with the student ID no. 091234, the user name will be

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. What is the password?

The default password is aou123

5. Should I change my default password?

Yes. For security reason it is highly recommended that you change your password as soon as your first login.

6. How can I change my password?

To change your password or to update your profile, after your first sign in with the default password, locate “Profile” from the toolbar and update the required information including the password and save the changes. Under the password change section, enter your current password and then type in your new password and reconfirm the new password and save the changes.

7. What are the resources available at the e-library?

At the e-library you can find full-text articles on different topics from well-known e-journals and e-books. You can also find reports, case studies, interviews, images, audio clippings and videos.

8. How many databases are there on the e-library?

There are several databases. Mainly they are listed under five main titles, namely, EBSCO, Emerald, Gale Cengage learning, Edusearch, IEEE Computer Society’s Digital Library. Besides that there are links to several useful open resources available free on the internet. This you can find under the open access resources. Also, from time to time new databases are added to the collections as trial. Currently there are two databases available as trial version. They are Al-Manhal e-books (in Arabic) and Ecolink (in Arabic).

9. I need to refer to some full-text articles for my GR courses which are in Arabic. Is there any database in Arabic?

Yes. You can find the resources in the database Edusearch.

10. I need some help in browsing the databases. Whom can I ask for?

Check with the library staff at the library.

11. Do you provide any workshop for the students?

Yes. We do from time to time. Check with the library staff for the schedule.


12. I have a problem with my password. Whom should I contact?


On the e-library sign in page there is a contact link given in case if you have any difficulty to log in such as wrong or forgotten password. Click the link and complete the procedure mentioned over there. Once the password is reset, you will receive intimation via e-mail to your registered e-mail. If you still have problem with the password, contact the library staff.






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