Commitment to Implement the Code of Conduct

One of the most important tasks that the department adhere to is the implementation of the codes of conduct in the University and making sure that everyone is abiding by them. Any breaching of the University’s laws, regulations, and bylaws and any conduct that breaches the University's norms and traditions shall be deemed an offense. Such offenses include mainly the following:

  1.  Any act that is incompatible with honour, dignity, or that which breaches good conduct inside or outside the University.

  2.  Actions that result in inflicting harm to the University’s property.

  3. Disruption of tutorials, exams, or incitement to do so, or to refrain from performing academic and other related University activities.

  4. Any attempt to procure or leak exam questions, or cover up those attempting to do so.

  5. Organizing gatherings or non-academic meetings within the University, without prior approval of the University’s concerned authority.

  6. Distribution of leaflets, or the issuance of bulletins, in any form, or collecting signatures for any purpose without the approval of the University’s administration.

  7. Any sit-in within the University campus or participation in demonstrations or gatherings that are deemed contrary to public order or public morals in the country of the Branch.

  8. Publication that offends the University's reputation or its employees, or reporting false information to the administrators of the University or the Branch.

  9.  Assault by word or action, or both on any of the University’s faculty member, employees, students, or guests.

  10.  Any impersonation of others in any matter related to the University and its affairs.

  11.  Carrying or use of licensed or unlicensed firearms and sharp instruments.

In case of verification of any of the offenses listed above concerning a student’s conduct, one or more of the following penalties shall be applicable:

  1. Written notice.
  2. Written warning.
  3. Final written warning.
  4. Failing the course.
  5. Dismissal from the University for one semester, subsequent to the semester in which the offense took place.
  6. Dismissal from the University for more than one semester subsequent to the semester in which the offense took place.
  7. Final dismissal from the University.

A penalty may be inflicted without abiding by the sequence enlisted above and this depends on the nature of each case.