Student Activities and Program

The functioning of Student Activities and Programs field aims to provide a favourable social atmosphere for the students to build up strong social connections, and directing their interests and making use of their capabilities and talents. The main roles of this field are as follows:

  1. Organising an induction program (Orientation Day Program), in coordination with all administrative and academic departments at the  beginning of each semester, for the new students in order to welcome them, introduce them to University educational system.

  2. Organizing students’ election, supervising the Student Council and the Student Committees.

  3. Organising cultural, scientific and sports competitions and giving the appropriate in-kind and monetary prizes and rewards.

  4. Coordinating with universities and institutes and encourage them to take part in the students’ events and activities.

  5. Coordinating with governmental and private bodies to provide the facilities that students need in order to participate in programs and activities and taking advantage of the available services such as health clubs and playgrounds.

  6.  Making use of the students’ abilities in order to contribute to the organization of student programs and activities.