Student Services

The functioning of the Student services field aims to provide services that meet the students’ needs, and facilitate the study procedures at the university as follows:

  1. Meeting students and helping them through answering their queries.

  2. Solving the students’ problems raised over the phone, the complaint system, e-mail, the appeal system, or the complaints and suggestions box.

  3. Issuing university cards.

  4. Communicating with students through social media to inform them of the up-to-date student activities and programs.

  5. Providing the necessary services during the examination period through the publication of instructions and guidance, which help students to adapt and reduce stress. The department also works in cooperation with the examination department to meet the students’ needs during the examination period.

  6. Organizing a peer education program through motivating high achieving students to use their potentials to help their low-achieving peers.

  7. Providing students with any possible assistance and this with the support of the concerned bodies inside and outside the university.

  8.  Providing grants and scholarships to the needy and the distinguished students as stated in the university by-laws.

  9. Assisting students with disabilities to ensure their access to the appropriate facilities and services while studying at the University.

  10.  Participating in the organisation of the graduation ceremony.

Moreover, we take into consideration the students' suggestions and observations about the required student services that are raised during meetings or through questionnaires and the suggestion box.