Reference Services

As a student of the Arab Open University, you are required to reference your sources using an appropriate referencing style. This is so the reader can follow up items you have referenced and see what you have based your argument on. In most cases, you will be asked to reference using the OU Harvard referencing style. However, you should always refer to your module materials or ask your tutor for advice.

What is citation?

The citation is a reference technology source of your information. It considers an important element at scholar’s research. There are two types of citation, in-text citation and references or bibliographies list.


Why should I cite my sources?

- Academic integrity: knowledge that you build upon the work of others.
- Citing the work of others shows readers that you know what’s going in your fields.
- Avoiding plagiarism.
- Save time of the researcher and readers, if they want to refer to the source you referenced.


Click here to find practical advice and examples to help you create references for information sources using the Harvard style.