Open Learning

An Open System of Education

sildenafil for women side effects The main paradigm upon which the pillars of an open system of education stand lies in its flexibility to accommodate a wider base of Higher Education (HE) seekers, thereby offering open opportunities of education to many qualified applicants. This is attributed to paucity of constraints of admission hitherto found in traditional institutions.

Media of Learning

The AOU fosters a diversified number of appropriate and latest learning media including printed material, audio and videotapes, CD-ROMs, and Internet-based support. In addition, further instructional support is provided by the Learning Centers (LCs) via a dedicated integrated satellite network that includes a host of VSATs. A mixture of independent study and scheduled tutor-assisted sessions is provided to comprise the generic format of the learning platform at the AOU.

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A Tutored System of Independent Study

An Integrated Platform of Learning