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The learning approach implemented at Arab Open University is blended learning, that is, combining traditional learning with online learning. As a school student, you were taught in a traditional way, whereby you are taught to absorb knowledge from the teacher. Nowadays, though the learning process has developed and many technologies have been adopted in schools and universities.
As for Arab Open University, 25 % of the learning is by attending lectures and learning from the teachers’ experience and knowledge, and 75 % is independent learning and self pace during the semester.

You will have to learn to use all your skills and technologies provided for you to learn. In this respect, Learning Management System called Arab Campus E-learning System (LMS) has been developed at AOU Bahrain to facilitate your learning process through its virtual environment.

LMS is not a place where the student can find materials related to the courses only, it’s an environment where the user can communicate with any party of the

university through “Messages”, and he can share knowledge in Forums (AOU Forum).

On the other hand, LMS is providing a space for university announcements and important documentation such as (Site news, academic calendar, Examination center,Forms). As well as the educational part which is “My courses” contains (all the academic materials, communication Tools, Announcements, TMA & Grades Section, Useful external resources).  


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