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What this program is about

Multimedia and Graphic Design Technology is a much needed specialty in the Middle Eastern region in which AOU operates.  Currently, there is a large market for the potential graduates of this program as GDMT has had a tremendous impact on the creative industries of advertising and design. The work of a graphic designer is integral to almost all aspects of business. The GDMT program prepares students for the requirements of the job market by giving them the essential knowledge, understanding and skills to work with solid design concepts and to take their ideas into full production using computers equipped with the industry's latest graphic design and multimedia capabilities.  The program also prepares the students to create the interactive visuals essential in today's digital advertising. This program also aims to show students how to bring "all media" together into one format. The program empowers students with creative problem solving skills and technical knowledge that will enable them to join and contribute to the exciting, dynamic and constantly evolving world of media and design.

Description of mains areas within the overall specialisation:

The main areas within the overall specialisation include Computer Graphic Design, Multimedia Production, Computer Aided Design, Computer Modeling and Animation Techniques.

The computer Graphic Design area deals with the effective use of Computer Technology towards the development of creative and artistic designs and projects. The Multimedia Production part of the program deals with the integration of sound , graphics, images and video content to create stimulating and inspiring multimedia projects. Computer Aided Design deals with the application of digital computer technology towards building advanced models of industrial parts and components necessary for building industrial products, tools and machinery. Computer Modeling and Animation techniques enable users to produce developmental models and sketches of products, perform character and environment modelling, develop animatic actions, and undertake content development for games and animations.

Educational goals and objectives:

Graphic and multimedia design and development play an increasingly key role in the advertising and entertainment industries with an increasing corresponding demand for professionals with the skills and knowledge to develop appropriate solutions for a broad range of sectors. The prevalent use of both interactive and visual graphics/multimedia/animations within education, e-commerce, promotion, digital marketing, DVD production, mobiles, games, websites and entertainment is increasing in quantity and improving in the quality of the media. It is also a critical reference point that the industry is composed of both large and small operators requiring graduates with both specialized and contextual knowledge.  Our aim is to ensure that our graduates will be capable of designing and developing creative graphic and multimedia production/applications/solutions. To support this aim, the program has been designed to ensure the following with considerable emphasis to practical applications and hands-on experience.

Why choose this program?

Graphic design is a booming industry worldwide and its growth in the Middle East is high as well. This industry continues to thrive as more jobs in the field of Graphic Design are being created each year. A huge responsibility lies on graphic designers in delivering messages accurately and effectively, where success and failure depend on their work. For example, a study by a local newspaper in Lebanon (The Daily Star) revealed that starting 2008 more Arab student

than ever before are choosing Graphic Design as a major. is currently listing over

125 Graphic Design companies in Lebanon and 293 in Egypt, scattered throughout both countries. In Egypt, you can find additional sources of information and statistics on the GDMT specialty through the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU), the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT), the Central Agency  for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) and the websites of graphic and multimedia design companies in Egypt.

Relationship to other programs and awards

The Multimedia and Graphic Design Technology program is a unique program at the specialization requirements level. However the program shares the University requirements, Faculty Requirements (Mandatory) and some of the elective Faculty requirements with the ITC program offered by the Faculty of Computing Studies (FCS).

Employment after graduation ......

The huge expansion in the number and varieties of media outlets nowadays whether classical (terrestrial TV and Radios, printed newspapers, satellite radios and TVs) or internet-based (TV, radio stations, e-newspapers, social medias, etc.) creates more and diverse job opportunities and thus increases the demand for multimedia and graphic designers capable of dealing with these diverse means. The possibility for graduate students to start their own business following graduation tackles another important dimension of the university mission that is to stimulate economic development in Arab countries by encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship initiatives.


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