Student equivalency for newly admitted students for the Second semester only of the academic year 2016/2017

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Student equivalency for newly admitted students for the Second semester only of the academic year 2016/2017

The department of Admissions and Registration announces the start of applying for equivalencies from Sunday the 26th of February until Wednesday the 8Th of March .

Equivalency procedures:

1- An equivalency form found at the department should be submitted along with a fee of 5 KD.

2- Students that have studied in a local educational institute accredited by The Ministry of Higher Education should submit a testified certificate of the university or college previously studied at along with course descriptions of courses taken.

3- Students that have studied at educational institutes outside Kuwait should do the following:

1- Students should receive a letter directed to the Ministry of Higher education ( Students should bring a copy of both his certificate and civil ID ) .

2- Submission of the equivalency form found at the Admissions and Registration department along with the accreditation of his certificate and course description.

Terms and conditions:

1- Only newly admitted students for Second semester of the academic year 2016/2017 may apply for the equivalency of courses.

2- Courses applied for equivalency must be studied prior to admitting to the Arab Open university.

3- Only courses with a C grade and above may be equivalent.

Equivalent courses will be marked in a student’s academic record with a (T) (transferred) grade and will not affect his university GPA .                

Equivalency results will be posted a month after students have applied on the university official website.

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