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Alumni Club

The Alumni Club


Communication and the empowerment of the ties between the Alumni and AOU is one of the main goals of the Third Strategic Plan of AOU. According to the previous the Alumni Club was established on 2012.


The organizational structure of AOU Alumni Council and the relationship of all its stakeholders with the Club’s activities: 



Alumni Club-AOU Bahrain Branch is one of several clubs in the various branches of the Arab Open University, and it affiliates to the Alumni Council, AOU Main Branch in Kuwait, and the head of the governing body of the branch’s alumni club is a member of the Alumni Council across the university. 


AOU Alumni Council is the supreme body representing all the Alumni of AOU branches before the University’s management, Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. Through Alumni Office, the Council coordinates the activities of alumni clubs in various branches, supervises them in a cost-effective manner, and takes part, in its capacity as a representative of AOU Alumni, in the celebrations, events and public activities of the University under the supervision of the President of the Council or vice president. AOU Alumni Council follows up the activities of various alumni clubs in branches through the periodic reports it receives from branches and communication with alumni clubs’ members. Alumni Council meets annually at AOU Headquarters or by video conferencing and its President and members may be invited to attend the AOU Board of Directors alternatively.


The club’s direct activities are run and exercised by the governing body, which seeks to achieve the club’s objectives and goals subject to the club’s regulation provisions. In addition, it follows up the entire administrative, financial, sports, social, cultural and artistic issues in accordance with the club’s regulation provisions. Head of the Governing body oversees such activities, and its deputy coordinates with the heads of the club committee to support and promote their activities. The Alumni Committee helps the governing body in implementing such activities during the foundation period of the club. 

Contact Information:

Direct Phone: 0097317407208

Mobile: 0097336777147

: 290E22A0

: AOU.Alumni.Bh

: @aou_alumni_bh

1 Some of the Alumni Club Recent Achievements
2 Types of Alumni Club’s Activities
3 Alumni Club Goals


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