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Welcome to The Arab Open University – the Kingdom of Bahrain, where quality education is pursued and rewarded with a range of support for students to pursue international academic opportunities. AOU welcomes students with the academic ability and aspirations to gain an outstanding blended education. In the year 1996, HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz President of the Arab Gulf Development Programme (AGFUND) officially announced, the concept of establishing the Arab Open University as a non-conventional academic institution and as a foundation which contributes to overall development in the Arab countries. In the year 2002, AOU was proud to build up a full strategic partnership with the Open University - the United Kingdom.

Today, AOU is located in most of the GCC countries, Jordon, Lebanon, and Egypt. The AOU headquarter is located in the state of Kuwait. The AOU has more than 23000 students and has celebrated graduation of more than 12,000 students, more than 50% of which were females.

For more than a decade, AOU has made significant contributions to Bahrain and the Arab countries by means of its unique education-system in the region.AOU-Bahrain has approximately 1200 students and 1090 graduates in its Bachelors program – in addition to  approximately 219 students and 770 graduates in its Masters program – all of whom have applied their education to enhance society, the environment and economies.

 AOU-Bahrain alumni make up a community that includes the emerging leaders who will help shape tomorrow’s world. AOU-Bahrain students, staff and alumni have built our reputation, and I am confident that AUO-Bahrain people of today and tomorrow will add to this standing in the future. The strength of our reputation will not only benefit our students and graduates, but also our community that will gain from AOU’s knowledge leadership. Undoubted, the combined strengths of teaching and our blended education system create a distinctive learning environment for our students from a diversity of backgrounds. All of these requisites – outstanding teaching, support, and flexibility come together to create the AOU lead.

To the great advantage of current students, AOU-Bahrain has received full confidence from the QAA  DHER for its Business and IT programs in 2009 and 2012, respectively.  AOU academic Programs and degrees in Business and Information Technology have been recognized and accredited by The National Higher Education Council in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The AOU - Bahrain branch also named by the Ministry of Higher Education - Malaysia as the official learning center of Open University of Malaysia programs in Bahrain and other countries in the GCC region. AOU’s academic and career opportunities are balanced at the NEW campus lifestyle with a range of educational, cultural, and social choices.


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