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Online Admission

The online admission portal provides the applicant with the ability of applying to Arab Open University at 24/7 basis during the admission period. Download Online Admission Users Manual

The required admission documents

1. Bachelor's Program: Download (PDF) 

2. Master's Program:  Download (PDF) 

The Approved Medical Centres for Optaining the Medical Report:

  1. International Hospital.

  2. American Mission Hospital.

  3. Awali Hospital.

  4. Ibn Alnafees Medical Complex.

  5. Bahrain Specialist Hospital.

  6. King Abdulla Medical City

  7. Al- Hilal Hospital.

  8. Bahrain Medical Centre.

  9. KIMS Medical Centre.

  10. GBIC Clinic.

  11. Asri Clinic.

  12. GARMCO Clinic.

  13. Gulf Air Clinic.

  14. Al-Kindi Specialist Hospital.

  15. MEDEX Clinic.

  16. Al-Rayan Hospital.

  17. Middle East Hospital.

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