Students' Affairs Office


The Office of Student Affairs provides services and activities to support and complement the student academic and personal development. It orients the students and oversees career placement, financial aid, work study and student activities.
Students can make a difference to their university life by joining and initiating clubs, athletic teams and participating in community services activities.

Orientation and Integration:

The Student Affairs Office orients new students about the admission requirements of the Arab Open University, the open learning system as opposed to the traditional system, the programs offered and their requirements, and how they could fit in student’s educational goals and career plans.

It seeks to help the students integrate into the university life through providing support , induction, and services to enhance and enrich their educational experience.

Career Placement:

Job placement for current students & graduates:

To provide job search assistance and guide students to pursue their career, the Office of Student Affairs serves as a coordinator between the students and the institutions (local, regional or international). In addition, an annual Job Fair takes place on campus to give students and alumni the opportunity to network with potential employers and experience demands of the job. The job fair has helped students and graduates find proper jobs in local and international companies. 

Financial Aid:

In addition to its supported tuition fees, AOU puts an effort to reach the widest possible spectrum of learners by offering financial aid to students who can’t afford to pay their tuition. 

Support for students with Special needs:

The AOU has been able to accommodate students with various special needs: (visual needs, physical needs, learning difficulties, etc…) A committee was instituted to follow up on students with special needs and facilitate their integration in the university life.

Student activities:

Activities are a vital part of the students’ educational experience helping them establish bonds with their university and the community as a whole. Students are encouraged to engage in social, cultural and athletic events. 

Sport Clubs:  Basket ball and football teams are coached to participate in tournaments across the country. Athletic activities help improve the physical well- being as well as the social life of the students.
A list of current clubs includes: ITC Club, Business Club, English Club, Music Club, and Environment club engaging in a variety of events and contributing to the student magazine. Chess Club, Young Writer’s Club and many other clubs are being established.

Student Magazine: “Open Horizons”:

The student magazine is issued twice per year in coordination with the Student Affairs Office. It is produced by students showing interest in writing and expressing their personal views, presenting campus life activities, university news, sports and entertainment news.

Location and Contact:

The office is located in the Glass building, 2nd floor. Working hours are from 8:00am to 6:00pm. The telephone number is 01/392139 (ext: 114 or 106). 
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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