IT Support

The Information Technology (IT) Department at AOU has the responsibility of providing IT services and resources to the faculty, staff, and students of the Arab Open University. These services are divided between the areas of university systems and infrastructure, student services, enterprise applications, networking and security and IT support for all staff, tutors and students.

The IT department supports the university's technological needs that vary from integrating technology into the curriculum to supporting research and assisting in administrative projects.

The IT Department staff are divided into several groups:


  1. IT Support Staff: This group provides student support, classroom technology, teaching tools, and internal media services and advertising services.
  2. Enterprise Applications Staff: This group develops and maintains the university information management system, as well as the data architecture and any web-services.
  3. Networking and IT Security Staff: This group maintains the network across the campus along with telephone services and other communication lines. In addition, this group monitors protection and security policies and intrusion detection issues.
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