The Excellence Awards in Teaching

a) Eligibility:

  1. All faculty members of all ranks: Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers can apply or be nominated for this award.
  2. The applicant must have spent at least three years in service on full-time basis by the time of his / her nomination.
  3. The applicant should not be subjected to academic or professional penalty during the past three years.
  4. Winners of the teaching award are allowed to apply again for the same award after at least three years.

b) Basis of differentiation:

  1. Students’ evaluation shouldn’t be less than 3.5 out of 5.00.
  2. Performance evaluation shouldn’t be less than 4.00 out of 5.00.
  3. Variety in teaching methods for courses (majors) in Bachelors and Masters levels.
  4. Using technology (modern techniques) in teaching.
  5. Optimal use of Learning Management System (LMS) to contact and to communicate with students.
  6. Practical use of teaching strategies and class meetings.
  7. Contribution in development of educational material and university programmes.
  8. Contribution in training new colleagues.
  9. Commitment to university regulations.

c) Procedures for the Announcement and Grant:

  1. The Vice-Rector for Planning, Research and Development  announces the start of nomination for the award during the first half of October in each year. Branch Directors and Deans will accordingly inform the teaching faculty staff about the requirements of the Award.
  2. Interested faculty members can submit their applications to the Department Heads (Program Coordinators) or can be nominated by the concerned Program Coordinators at the Branch, during the period from the date of announcing the award until the end of November of the same year. Applications must be supported with the following documents:
    • Updated curriculum vitae.
    • Students’ appraisals throughout the academic semesters and for all the courses/groups that the staff tutor handles during the specified period.
    • Academic Performance reports during the specified period (might be in seiled envelops based on the University’s Rules and Regulations).
    • Any other requested document.
  3. The Department Head (the Program Coordinator) reviews the application (s) and the documents attached in order to ensure compliance with the conditions set, and then sends the application (s) to the concerned Dean through the Branch Director within two weeks. In case the Department Chair is applying for the award, the Branch Director will form a committee consisting of department Faculty Members in order to review the application and confirm conformity.
  4. The concerned Dean forms a committee under his chairmanship, consisting of members from the Faculty, to study the application(s) and accordingly submit recommendations of approval or disapproval to the Vice-Rector for Planning, Research and Development. Such recommendations must be justified by an objective and comprehensive report delivered within two weeks.
  5. The Rector forms a committee chaired by the Vice-Rector for Planning, Research and Development and the membership of the Deans, to study the applications submitted and decide on the winner (s) of the award within one month from the date of forming the committee.
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