Quality Assurance

The quality assurance unit (QAU) at the Branch has been instated with a view to assure and enhance quality in all administrative and academic areas. QAU relies upon various tools and performance indicators to measure the quality compliance rate at the branch. In line with the Quality Assurance codes of practice the QAU performs the following tasks at the academic and administrative levels:

Monitoring of Student's and Tutor's Surveys: QA is in-charge of administering, collating and analyzing student and tutor survey data and communicating the feedback for action to the management.

Organizing and reviewing the Annual Internal Review:The Quality assurance unit at the branch is in charge of conducting the annual internal review that includes a reflection and assessment of all programs. This is an annual requirement and QA ensures that all aspects of program delivery and student learning facilities are reported accurately.

Preparing Annual Program Evaluation Statistics:The QA at branch is responsible for collating student data so as to produce annual program evaluation statistics. These statistics are comprehensive. Their reliability is tested. They are  extremely useful not only for planning relevant strategies ahead, but also for reporting them in all reports prepared for local accreditation, AOU validation and annual AMRs, and reports to AOU higher bodies. It is a reflective exercise of branch processes.

Monitoring of all assessment and examination processes:

QA stringently follows this practice to ensure uniformity of practices amongst all departments. The final examination process which is primarily the domain of the examinations department is also monitored by the QA to ensure that all policies and procedures are adhered to.

Process of monitoring students and staff complaints:

The QA monitors departments and student Affaires to ensure that all complaints are registered and addressed as per the bye-laws of the University. QAU ensures that there is timely follow-up of the complaints registered.




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