Conditions For Postponing The Midterm or Final Exams

Kindly be informed that the new regulations for postponing any exam starting from the academic year 2011/2012 are:

  • Hospitalization (and not clinic centers) due to an emergency medical situation on the exam day, with detailed medical report stamped from the Hospital and certified from the Medical Licensing Department.
  • Maternity (15 days after the child birth).
  • First degree relative death (3 days maximum before the exam day).
  • Car Accidents on the same day of the exam.
  • Travelling outside Kuwait due to work or accompanying a first degree relative patient.


Important Notes:

  • Student should submit his force majeure excuse within three days of the exam’s convening date.
  • Applying for exam postponement does not mean that the application is accepted, since a special committee will study the excuses and decide either to approve or reject it.
  • The names that are accepted to do a Make-up exam will be announced on the LMS and on our website two weeks after the examinations period. And this declaration is a formal notification for each student who applied.
  • In case the excuse was found valid, letter (I) – Incomplete – shall be entered in the student’s academic record, provided that he has not failed in the Continuous Assessment.  An (I) student shall be permitted to re-sit for the exam on its first subsequent session (note that summer course is considered optional).
  • If the student fails to re-sit the exam on its first subsequent session, the letter (I) shall be replaced with (F) – Fail – in his academic record.
  • It is strictly forbidden to postpone the postponed exam for any reason.




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