Admission & Registration

Admission Requirements

Applying to the university will be based on the student’s high school degree only and the admission requirements are as followed:-

  • Students must have a high school degree or a degree equivalent to it.
  • Students need a percentage of at least 60% or a 2.00 GPA in order to apply to the university
  • Students applying for the Computer Studies programs should have a scientific high school degree.

Documents required for applying

Applying will be done online through After applying online and receiving pre-acceptance to the university students should submit the following documentation:

  • An official copy of the high school transcript or equivalent to it.
  • A high school equivalency paper from the Ministry of Private Education (if applicable).
  • Civil ID copy (in effect)
  • Passport copy.
  • Non-Kuwaiti students with Kuwaiti mothers should submit a birth certificate and a copy of mother’s civil   ID copy.
  • 2 personal photos.
  • 15 KD non-refundable admission fees.

Placement Tests

After being accepted to the university students must take two placement tests in English and Arabic. Placement tests will determine the level of English and Arabic students will enroll in.

International Tests

Students may be exempted from the English placement test if they provide a TOEFL or IELTS Test. Only international TOEFL tests and academic IELTS tests are accepted. International TOEFL tests are taken in three different ways. Paper Based TOEFL (PBT), Computer Based TOEFL (CBT) and Internet Based TOEFL (IBT) and scores differ accordingly.

Students are exempted from studying these courses based on their test results.


EL097 , EL098 , EL099 , EL111



500 (PBT) - 173 (CBT) - 61(IBT)

550 (PBT) – 213 (CBT) – 80 (IBT)





Students that score grades lower than the required must take the university English placement test.


University English Placement Test

If students do not provide a TOEFL or IELTS test they will be required to take an English placement test at the university. Students who do not take the test for any reason will be placed at the lowest English level automatically.

Students are exempted from studying these courses based on their test Grades.













Arabic Placement test

All students without exception will be required to take the Arabic placement test. Students that do not take the test will be placed in the lowest Arabic level

Students are exempted from studying these courses based on their test Grades.






90 - 100

Academic Programs

Business Studies:-

  • Business Studies with Systems
  • Business Studies with Economics
  • Business Studies with Accounting
  • Business Studies with Marketing
  • Business Studies with Management

Computer Studies:-

  • Information Technology & Computing Track (ITC)

English Studies:-

  • English Language & Literature
  • English Language &  Literature  with Business Studies

Conditions to achieving a bachelor degree:-

In order to achieve a bachelor degree, students must finish 128-136 credit hours depending on their program and study plan.

Academic Year:-

The academic year consists of three semesters split into:-

  • First (fall) and second (spring) semesters consist of 16 study weeks including the add and drop period and final examination period.
  • Summer semesters consist of 8 weeks with intensive lectures.

Students should not exceed a period of 8 years (16 semesters) in completing their bachelor studies. Students that fail in achieving their bachelor degree in the set period time will be suspended.  Students may finish their studies at a period of at least 3 years and a half (7 semesters).

Academic calendars are determined by the University administration accordingly.

Course Registration:-

Students are allowed to register a maximum of 21 credit hours and at least 8 credit hours per semester. Students with academic probations are not allowed to register more than 12 credit hours.

Transfer Students:-

Students that have transfer credits from other accredited colleges and universities may apply for the equivalency of their credits if they meet the required conditions:-

  • The university or college must be accredited by The Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait.
  • A grade of (C) and above is required to transfer credits.
  • Students must provide course descriptions for the wanted transfer courses.
  • Students may transfer up to a maximum of 14 credits from the elective courses only


As an open learning university the attendance of lectures differs from subject to subject.

  • Courses with 3 or 4 credit hours are attended once every two weeks. Lectures are attended according to the schedule set by the university.
  • Courses with 8 credit hours are attended once weekly. Lectures are attended according to the schedule set by the university.
  • English language courses with 3 credit hours are attended once weekly and non-credit courses are attended 4 times a week. Lectures are attended according to the schedule set by the university.

Academic Probations:-

Students receive academic probations if their GPA is lower than 2.00 in each separate semester. Students do not receive academic probations in summer courses. Students who have applied for postponement of studies will not receive academic probations in the postponed semester.  Students that exceed four academic probations in a row are suspended from the university. 

Postponement of studies:-

Students may postpone their studies for 4 separate semesters. Students should provide reasons of their postponements. Students who exceed their 4 time postponement chances will be suspended. Postponement of study is not permitted for newly admitted students on their first semester of their studies.

Students that do not register for a semester without applying for postponement will be regarded as non-continuous. Students that receive three non-continuous statuses in a row will be suspended.

Grading System:-

The final grade of 100 is equally split between the final exam and courses assessment work.

The 50 grades of the course assessment work are split into 30 for the midterms (MTA) and 20 for the homework (TMA).

Grading system Table:-

  • Students must at least receive a D grade in order to pass a course.
  • Students may apply for the delay of their exams providing a reason acceptable by the university administration and an Incomplete Grade (IF) will be posted.
  • Students that do not manage to surpass the required class work total will receive a failure for class work grade (FC).
  • Students that do not manage to surpass the required final examination grade will receive a failure in the final examination grade (FF).
  • Students that do not attend the final examination will receive a Failure for attendance grade (FA).
  • Students that are caught in the act of cheating and or breaking any law in the final examination set by the university will receive a failure for cheating grade (FCH)
  • Students that have passed the required final examination requirement and the class work total requirement but did not manage to receive a 50% overall percentage will receive a failure grade (F)
  • Students that withdraw from a course before the set time date by the university will receive a withdrawal grade (W) and their GPA will not be affected.




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