The Arab Open University is approved by The Open University as an appropriate organization to offer higher education programmes leading to Open University Validated Awards.
The MBA programme is currently validated by The Open University-UK.

 Program Description

 The AOU MBA Program is a demanding and broad-based management degree. It enables students to gain core knowledge of subjects fundamental to management, develop analytical skills which are indispensable in problem solving and decision making, understand the process of management and human behavior in organizations, and gain insights into the changing business, economic, social and political environments which influence the business world. 

Applications are currently accepted

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     The mission of the MBA program at AOU is to provide opportunities that enable students to develop the comprehensive advanced knowledge and management skills necessary to achieve their professional goals and to improve the performance of their organizations.


     The AOU MBA program is a broad-based, career advancement degree. It is designed to provide a learner with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective manager in a variety of organizational settings and to provide students with the opportunity to: 

    • Develop a strategic perspective on real-world business and management practice in a diverse and global business environment. 
    • Acquire managerial skills for the effective implementation of policy within an organizational context.
    • Develop analytical and problem-solving skillsfor decision making in a business world of complex business issues and problems.
    • Apply a range of management concepts, analytical tools,models and methodologies and critically evaluate their advantages and limitations.
    • Bridge the gap between theory and practice using the most recent case-studies and research.
    • Enhance oral and written communication, presentation, and critical thinking skills. 

    These objectives essentially represent the core themes of the overall program, and they are embodied in each of the core and optional (elective) courses of the program. 

    Language of Instruction

    English is the most widely used language in the world of business, and it has become an essential requirement for employment in most business organizations. English is the language of instruction in all modules (courses) of the AOU MBA program. 

    Admission Requirements

    All applicants must satisfy the AOU admission requirements for graduate studies which include: 

    • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or an equivalent degree as evaluated by the Ministry of Higher Education. 
    • Applicants should have a minimum of three years of relevant professional experience.
    • A minimum GPA on of 2.5 in the undergraduate degree. 

    Required Documents for Admission

    • Application Form
    • Official Transcripts
    • Work Resume
    • Admission Test Scores

    Progression and Graduation

    To pass a course and to achieve a particular grade of pass, a student must achieve the following:

    • The minimum passing score on each part of the assessment components (the continuous assessment and the exam)
    • The minimum passing grade in a course is (70/100)

    To achieve a program award, a student must successfully complete all the compulsory modules and appropriate optional modules as indicated in the program description with a Total GPA of 3.00 and within a period of no more than five years.




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