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The BSc Programme in Information Technology and Computing (BSc (HONS) in ITC) has been developed and will be delivered by AOU. It has been validated through a process of external peer review by UKOU as being of an appropriate standard and quality to lead to the Open University validated award of BSc (Hons) ITC (OUVA).

The programme comprises 131-135 credit hours, as per local accreditation requirements, which can be completed over a four-year period of full-time study. The breakdown of credit hours and courses needed to complete the programme is as follows:


No. Categories Credit Hours
1 MandatoryUniversity Requirements 18
2 Faculty Requirements & University Electives 17-21
3 Core Programme (Specialization) Requirements 96
Total 131-135

(1)Mandatory University Requirements (18 credit hours)

The following six courses comprise the Mandatory General University Requirements.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisites
AR111 Arabic Communication Skills (I) 3 __
AR112 Arabic Communication Skills (II) 3 AR111
EL111 English Communication Skills (I) 3 __
EL112 English Communication Skills (II) 3 EL111
GR101 Independent Study Skills 3 __
TU170 Learning On-Line 3 __
Total 18

(2)Faculty Requirements & University Electives (17-21 credit hours)

Students should take 17-21 credit hours from the following list, as per local accreditation requirements, including the two courses M131 and T490 which are the faculty requirements (6 credit hours).

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisite Remark
M131 Discrete Mathematics 3 obligatory faculty requirements for all tracks
T490 Selected Topics in Computer Science 3
MS101 Physics for Computer Students 3
GR111 Arab Islamic Civilization 3
GR131 Branch Requirement 3
M105 Introduction to Programming 3
M132 Linear Algebra 3
M133 Numerical Analysis 3 M132
M211 Fundamentals of Algorithms and Data Structures 3
M350 Operating System Concepts 3
MU120A Open Mathematics (I) 4
MU120B Open Mathematics (II) 4 MU120A
T103 Computer Architecture 3

(3)Core Programme (Specialization) Courses (96 credit hours)

The ITC programme is offered in four tracks, with 96 credit hours for each track. The core specialization courses for the four tracks are presented below. The symbols X means obligatory for the track.

CwB Track : Computing with Business

Course Title Credit
B120 An Introduction to Business Studies 8
B202 A Understanding Business Functions 8 B120
B202 B Understanding Business Functions 8 B120
B300 A Business Behavior in a Changing World 8 B120
B300 B Business Behavior in a Changing World 8 B120
M150A Data, Computing and Information (I) 4 EL111
M150B Data, Computing and Information (II) 4 M150A
M253 Team Working in Distributed Environment 3 M150B
M255 Object Oriented Programming with Java 8 M150B
M256 Software Development with Java 8 M257
M257 Putting Java to Work 5 M255
M359 Relational Data Base: Theory and Practice 8 M255 or MT262B
M363 Software Engineering with Objects 8 M256
T471 Telematics Project 8 M359
Total 96

Note:Courses that are obligatory for a certain track may be taken as electives in other tracks.

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